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My journey as a Graphic Artist
David Zinyama - Digital Artist | 22 November 2014 |
In my case having taught myself graphic design primarily, I wanted to use my own stock images within my work by taking photographs  - Read More
Showcase - 2014 Anniversary Edition
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 22 November 2014 |
A list of the artists showcased in the Anniversary edition of the POVO Journal  - Read More
Jane Shepherd
Making a Difference and Making a Living
Jane Shepherd - Graphic Designer | 21 November 2014 |
Politically, I came of age in 1980s Britain, the Thatcher era; I marched with striking miners...  - Read More
State of the Zimbabwean Creative Industry
Maston Mbewe - Entrepreneur | 21 November 2014 |
Businesses are re-organizing and as usual the first industry to feel the pinch is the creative industry, and that is our Achilles heel  - Read More
The Artist in You
Yemurai Mafi - Graphic Designmer | 21 November 2014 |
Being exposed to the greater side of art and design industries has transformed my perception and drive to break ground  - Read More
Showcase - Featured artists in the Inaugural Women's Edition
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 01 November 2014 |
Showcase of artists in the inaugural Women's edition  - Read More
Heart Art Paintings
Zvafadza Soko - Artist | 31 October 2014 |
To use art to spread the awareness that we are a major part of nature – not apart from nature  - Read More
Reimagining our national identities and imagery
Masimba Hwati - Fine Artist | 25 May 2014 |
Zimbabwean liberation struggle is punctuated by mug shots of our subjugated defeated and humiliated heroes.  - Read More
Taking fine art to the People of Zimbabwe
David Chinyama - Fien Artist | 25 May 2014 |
The environment has brought up a new dispensation and a new dimension to artists despite having all the problems that we are facing  - Read More
Transforming The Colonial Legacy Through Art
Dr. Tony Monda - Art Critic | 12 January 2014 |
Raising awareness of the socio-cultural dynamics of african art on the international art circuits  - Read More