The Photography Landscape in Zimbabwe

There is a popular belief that for one to comment on an issue, they have to be a recognized player in the game, a veteran or have few awards to show for it. On the contrary, outsiders trying to find their way in, sometimes give a more balanced commentary since they have the best vantage point. So this is my disclaimer, I am no veteran, award-winning photographer, but I am a passionate Zimbabwean with a camera. I am a freelancer still trying to find where my strengths lie. This commentary sums up my personal views from my vantage point.

Learning to see the Light

Being a creative, photography was always going to be one of those fringe things I had to do. I had to understand it enough, to be a creative director of any merit. Photography  sells products, attracts attention and ultimately shapes perceptions. In our growing digital world it has fast become a medium from which we consume a good percentage of our information.

My love/hate relationship with weddings!

Wedding photographers will resonate with this. Brides (and their grooms) will understand we go through at weddings.  Aspiring wedding photographers will know to stay away!

0734 hrs: Wedding day.  Wake up, bath, eat a solid breakfast. Next time I’m going to eat is probably in 8 hours. Double check all equipment…batteries charged, check! Memory cards cleared and formatted, check! Packed some water and an apple or two, check!

Mobile Phone Photography

This year I intentionally got a  phone with a good camera and decent video to start an exciting journey in mobile phone photography. I wanted to explore a new world afforded by this form of photography. It has opened up a new world of exploration for me. The candid shot in public once difficult with the inconspicuous DSLR is now possible without raising eyebrows. The prevalance of camera phones and people taking shots of each other has meant that you are treated with less suspicion when taking shots in public. Mobile phone photography for me is more a stream of visual conciousness.


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