Rewriting the Story for Zimbabwean Girls

For the past 6 months I have worked as an assistant grade 2 teacher at a local primary school. This means most of my days are spent listening to and teaching 8 year olds to read, as well as playing judge and jury to the many cases that arise between kids when there are 30 of them packed in one room together for about 6 hours daily. One of the perks of my job is knowing children’s books inside and out, books that most adults have probably forgot they have ever read; life lessons they probably don’t
remember learning.

POVO at HIFA 2013

Pauline Goredema and Fambai Ngirande
Another colourful POVO fan
Tofirenyika founder of Tateguru Clothing label
The HIFA security joined in the festivities at the POVO Stall
Edith We Utonga and Christine Ndoro
Elton and Edith We Utonga
Clare Nyakujara
Baynham and Pauline Goredema
Arundel girls
Nqobizitha Mlilo
Emmanuel Gasa
Gareth Nyandoro
Fambai Ngirande and Victor Kunonga
Tendai Machiri, former Southern Rocks cricketer
Robert Machiri
We had some entertainment of our own at the POVO stall

Despite this year’s HIFA theme being titled engage, nothing could be further from the stated objective. The low audience turnout and entertainers didn’t help matters. The billed acts were barely known in Zimbabwe. However, with POVO’s debut at HIFA, the intention was to make our stand as engaging as possible. The main purpose of the stand was to market the POVO brand, generate traffic to the website, and encourage more people to contribute to it. The T-shirts on sale generated a lot of interest and rave reviews from both local and international visitors to the stand.

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