Edith We Utonga

Fall and rise as a team...woman!

The invite said shorts and shades, girls only and promised to be fun as I got the call from my girlfriend insisting that I be there. The party was going to be at a campsite almost two hundred kilometres from the capital city. A message on Whatsapp reminded us departure time would be early morning,  seven, very early for some of us on a Sunday but considering who we were doing it for, it had to be done.

Keeping the faith

A few of months back,we discovered our five month old baby boy had a congenital heart defect which doctors diagnosed upon further examination when they found a large hole in his heart. This condition, we were told would hinder his growth and damage his vital organs if nothing was urgently done about it. To make matters worse, the doctor gave my son a maximum of between 4 and 6 months to live.

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