Hope Masike

The power of Waiting

Recently, I somehow bumped into a lot of material on waiting, music, movies and literature. Ironically, I was at a point in my life where this particular gospel was most needed, perhaps it came a little bit too late but still, it added much needed value to my life now. We live in a world that’s moving so fast, at times it’s hard to catch up. Many times we feel we are lagging behind. I am speaking as a young Afrikan woman, career-oriented, traditionally brought up and caught up in-between my culture and the emergence of other foreign cultures into mine.


Beautifully Woman

In 2011, I had the great honour of travelling to a Scandinavian country where I lived for an entire year. For two semesters I was teaching music, and during the holiday in-between, I travelled to a few countries. I discovered many new things, from how you could wear your entire wardrobe each day for almost six months to the great joy of wearing a short skirt once summer came. This year was a year of immense growth and self-discovery. I went to Europe with locks, but a month later I cut them off.

POVO Annual Report 2013

2013 was a quiet year for POVO with no partnerships. Our expenses for the year were $3,230 which included, T shirt production, covering HIFA, Update of the website, Production of Hardcopy Journals. The election played a role to a certain extent and a nation stood still in anticipation. Elections have passed and life goes on. Initially for the journal we had targeted 40 pages but because of overwhelming response we bumped it up to 48 pages! Unfortunately printing hard copies is still a challenge hence we are publishing online.

The Noisettes at HIFA

Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes doing her thing at HIFA
Shingai Shoniwa sings her heart out
Shingai Shoniwa  is joined on stage by Hope Masike, Chiwoniso Maraire and Tariro Ne Gitare
The Noisettes in Zimbabwe
The Noisettes in Zimbabwe at HIFA
Shingai Shoniwa heads off into the croud on the shoulders of a fan
Hope Masike joins The Noisettes on stage at HIFA
Shingai Shoniwa  interacts with fans
Shingai Shoniwa belts out with Tariro Ne Gitare backing her up
Shingai Shoniwa of The Noisettes at HIFA, Zimbabwe
Tariro Ne Gitare joins The Noisettes on stage at HIFA
Shingai Shoniwa climbs the support structures
Shingai 'Shoko' Shoniwa taking an ariel view of the crowd
Shingai Shoniwa even went upside down to please the Harare crowd
Shingai Shoniwa dancing
Shingai Shoniwa
Shingai Shoniwa
Hope Masike with The Noisettes ate HIFA, Zimbabwe
Shingai Shoniwa in the crowd

The Noisettes were the highlight of our HIFA 2013 experience and they lived to their billing with many insisting they should have closed the festival. fronted by Zimbabwean Shingai Shoniwa, The UK based Noisettes left gave a performance from the top shelf. She also called other zimbabwe divas Chiwoniso Maraire, Hope Masike and Tariro NeGitare onto the stage to do a cover of Thomas Mapfumos song.

Visual arts at HIFA

An installation by Masimba Hwati
Artist, designers, illustrator, and film maker - Left to right: Masimba Hwati, Paul Maposa, Baynham Goredema, Ryan Chokureva, Langton Chari, Kennywell Satumba
Models in their attire
Art enthusiasts mingle with artsits and models at the exhibition
Fine artist Gareth Nyandoro at HIFA
Hope Masike modelling in the fashion show at HIFA
Singer Dudu Manhenga modelling in the fashion show at HIFA
An installation by Masimba Hwati
Part of the arts enthusiasts in the National Art Gallery
A model with an exquisite head dress
Shona stone sculptures
Shona stone sculptures
Baynham Goredema with Victor Nyajeka, fashion designer

The visual arts have also been a feature at HIFA. The annual exhibition is usually in the National Art Gallery and mainly features up and coming artists. This same show featured a fashion show in amongst the installations in the gallery. Popular at the exhibition was an installation by Masimba Hwati called Toward Redemption which featured a Volkswagon seemingly taking off in flight leaving a trail of its parts behind.

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