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An installation by Masimba Hwati
Visual arts at HIFA
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 26 April 2013 |
The visual arts have also been a feature at HIFA  - Read More
The red ribbon that determinse where you will sit
Around the Ground Report: Eagles vs Tuskers Pro20 Final
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 26 April 2013 |
Eagles vs Tuskers Standard Bank Pro20, Harare Sports Club, 2011  - Read More
Hamilton Masakadza in the middle
Around the Ground Report - Eagles vs Mountaineers Logan Cup, MSC 2011
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 26 April 2013 |
Eagles vs Mountaineers Logan Cup, Pro50, Mutare Sports Club 2011  - Read More
Finally got to see Tendai Chatara in action for the first time
Around The Ground Report - Mountaineers vs. Eagles Pro50, MSC 2011
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 26 April 2013 |
Mountaineers vs Eagles - Pro50, Mutare Sports Club 2011  - Read More
How SMART are you?
Nonsikelelo Muzvidzwa - Writer | 05 April 2013 |
It's that time of the year again when we come up with New Year's resolutions that we never seem able to keep.  - Read More
Black Bird at HIFA, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwean Hip-Hop under Attack!
Black Bird - Musician | 05 April 2013 |
It's just a pity Zimbabwe promoters believe more in these backtrack Americans than in this country’s wealth of real rappers.  - Read More
Kudzai Sevenzo and Edith WeUtonga collaborate for the Woman of Note concert
Woman of Note
Elton Mjanana - Writer | 05 April 2013 |
The Inaugaral W.O.N! Concert featuring Edith WeUtonga and Kudzai Sevenzo is a rare collaboration by these two leading local female artists for a good.  - Read More
The Two sides of Art and Design
Tafadzwa Gutsa - Graphic Designer | 05 April 2013 |
Exploring art in its varying ramifications and its functions for its creators and society as a whole  - Read More
My Name is Xenophobia
Baynham Goredema - Designer | 05 April 2013 |
I need to set the record straight as to WHY I am so mad and why I have decided to express my anger now.  - Read More
Demystifying the Colours of the Rainbow
Baynham Goredema - Designer | 05 April 2013 |
Every Zimbabwean has the right to wear these colours without fear of victimisation or prejudice.   - Read More
The Graphic Designer’s responsibility
Baynham Goredema - Designer | 04 April 2013 |
Responsibility is not limited to maintaining, but creating ways to add value to lives, motivate, educate and inspire the audience.   - Read More
Shona Proverbs - Tsumo
Pauline Goredema - House Wife | 04 April 2013 |
Formation of Shona proverbs was obviously established in the 'Classical' times of shona society  - Read More
NGO Frontline... MSF
Shawn Muzvidzwa - NGOs | 04 April 2013 |
With all this pain and suffering and abuse we decided to come up with a campaign called SOLIDARITY FOR SURVIVAL.  - Read More
The right to love and be loved
Pfungwa Nyamukachi - Writer | 04 April 2013 |
Love is a complicated subject in which all interested parties ought to invest their all. Most of all, it requires commitment.  - Read More
O, Zimbabwe!
Masimba Biriwashe - Writer | 04 April 2013 |
Let my land be the land where the incense of peace wafts like a silent butterfly  - Read More
Greenpeace Africa!
Shawn Muzvidzwa - NGOs | 04 April 2013 |
In the context of Zimbabwe, it’s more of a change of attitudes and focus on environmental issues.  - Read More
Queuing Etiquette: The 9 points of the game
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 04 April 2013 |
Since queues are now a way of Zimbabwean life, and an indispensable part of our culture, I feel a few rules of engagement are in order.  - Read More