A List of quotations

Wincate Muthini
Jump start your creative heart by switching your view  - Full Article
Nontsikelelo Mutiti
We’re socialised to think about self-styling within gendered boundaries but we need to challenge these notions - Full Article
I participated in the chores to get a real sense of what it is like to live there and realised that we have it much easier back home!  - Full Article
Veronica Makunike
While there were a few differences I noticed in the culture I also thought there were a few similarities, like the humour of Zimbabweans - Full Article
Audrey Anderson
I am always investigating new drawing and visual communication techniques. I consciously monitor what is happening in every work without letting full control over the medium get in the way - Full Article
Lynnet Manikai
I changed the way I look at things. I began to feel alive again. I looked at my son and I couldn’t believe that this little person came out of me; he has a smile that melts my heart - Full Article
Sista Zai
“I am ‘The-Woman-With-Too-Many-Lovers-And-No-Desire-For-One-Husband’.” She giggled  - Full Article
Joana Ruth Chinyoka
No one talked about the flesh eating disease and for almost a decade it became the elephant in the room, everyone saw it but nobody talked about it - Full Article
Sophia Chitemere
Life is too short to hide away your feelings and pain. Life is too precious to take those moments for granted - Full Article
Azella Perryman
We are all Black. Historically, if we had one drop of blood of Afrikan descent, we were discriminated against as if we were fully Afrikan - Full Article
No matter what the rest of society says I know that nappies and microphones can coexist - Full Article
Harriet Toko Mupungu
It looks to me as if individuality becomes bound in a straightjacket were any movement outside the boundaries of the seams becomes an unattractive outburst - Full Article
Orlinda Mapa-Tsoka
I have learnt that being content with the resources one has at any given point and time is key to living a happy and meaningful life - Full Article
I have loved you through so much! I have laboured with you, travailed on my knees, wept for you - Full Article
Nkanyeziyethu Malunga
Art for us is a spiritual, priceless process. It serves as a medium of communication which bridges racial, gender and geographical boundaries - Full Article
Robin Chaibva
There are hierarchies of beauty from society, they became more visible having gone to an all-girls school - Full Article
Sabina Sheldon
There just aren’t English words for some things that are such an intrinsic part of some of our cultures - Full Article
Doreen Gaura
There persists an incessant desire amongst us to achieve Euro-centred “respectability” which only serves to increasingly ostracise certain populations of the Afrikan community - Full Article
Christie Brookstein
No one has the answer to everything and that’s something to celebrate, it keeps it interesting - Full Article
Edith We Utonga
By the time they got back I was tired of hiding and insisted to the ladies that we do not hide but confront him and get him to let the manager take us to the nearest town - Full Article