A List of quotations

Hired Gun
f you actually listen to a lot jazz there is those elements in it, the drug culture within jazz - Full Article
Tafadzwa Gutsa
We must be guided only by final outcomes and final experiences, not final objects. - Full Article
Tamuka Mtengwa
As such, incentivizing new and existing players in the field of television broadcasting will create the competition needed to come up with worthwhile programmes - Full Article
Chiratidzo Chiweshe
Does this mean then that to instil patriotism in the hearts of Zimbabweans, the designer must hood-wink the masses through creating illusions, false images and ideals? - Full Article
Pfungwa Nyamukachi
Always knowing that Jesus died for your sins and loves you and will not forsake you if you obey Him - Full Article
Tinotenda Mawoyo
Therefore, as a matter of principle, I choose to stay away from that side of things - Full Article
Tinotenda Mawoyo
Captaincy is certainly not a new area for me in the game of cricket, and therefore it is an area I find fairly comfortable in executing - Full Article
Rutendo Denise
When Hi5 came to the market, we created groups for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to create a global virtual community focusing on uniquely Zimbabwean issues.  - Full Article
Baynham Goredema
I have to admit the kit and promotional wear combination were on point and the guys look sleek, which gives a consistent and professional look to the team. - Full Article
Baynham Goredema
The Mountaineers supporters’ distinctly colour coded seating arrangements - a microcosmic mimic of race relations in Zimbabwean society perhaps? - Full Article
Baynham Goredema
The more educated the community and designers are the higher the level of appreciation and value placed on design. - Full Article
Tinotenda Mawoyo
Whenever I have been given the opportunity to lead, I have certainly treasured the privilege and enjoyed the experience as well. - Full Article
René of Watsamba M’Diou
In fact it was a dream of mine to come to Southern Africa to work with percussionists because I felt that I wanted to re-find the saxophone after taking a break from it. - Full Article
Pauline from Mafriq
A lot of establishments have either downsized operations or closed shop, so right now we are hoping to establish regular venues, traditional venues that we had before so that we can invest and improve them for the sake of our own performances. - Full Article
But in Zimbabwe, it is difficult, to make a name as an artist. That’s why I say Zimbabwe is better because our artists are harder and more real. - Full Article
Edith weUtonga
I think old music was much more original. You could tell right away that the music was authentic Zimbabwean music because it had a Zimbabwean feel to it - Full Article
Elsa Q
Kamluve is music and poetry and we are looking into expanding the brand to also encompass craft, fabric, and into fashion to make the brand recognisable in Africa and beyond. - Full Article
Karien Cherry
This film strives to show that a Zimbabwean is just as much a human being as someone from Europe, they just represent human emotions within a different social context and from a different cultural background. - Full Article
You really have to careful, you don't want to end up in hot soup, so we are just trying to play it safe, freedom of expression here, I don't know if we can call it that because there is no freedom in the first place. - Full Article
Nqobizitha Mlilo
The advent of the GNU ushered in some stability especially in the economy. This has allowed people to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives. - Full Article