Jenipher’s Story

It is a hot April day when I arrive in the Matebeleland North capital of Lupane. It’s my first trip to the growth point almost 180km from Bulawayo and I do not know what to expect. Within the first hour, I find a noisy local sadza joint and meet people with uniquely Zimbabwean names like Talent, Wedzeramari and Lacoste. Everyone I meet has a vibrancy to them, and they all have a story to tell. However it is Jenipher Nyoni who arrests my attention. She greets the people in the room, seamlessly changing from Ndebele, to Shona, to English, to Tonga depending on who she is talking to.

Mafriq and Xtra Large in South Africa

Mafriq and Extra Large in South Africa

In the quest to find out what Zimbabwean 'yute' is up to and how it is contributing to the socio-political landscape, ZimboSA caught up with two of the hottest music groups on the Zimbabwean scene, then in town[Jozi] for a gig. Mafriq and Xtra Large are two of the groups that performed at the ZimboSA concert held late last year in Jo'burg where they shared a stage with the likes of Sani Makhalima, Shingi Mau Mau and the likes of Zimbabwean-originating and South Africa based Zubs a.k.a The Last Letta.

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