Interview with songstress Rudo Chasi

Tell us about yourself. Who is Rudo Chasi and her journey so far?
I was born and raised in Harare  Zimbabwe on the 6th of march in 1988 and I come from a family of two children that is my twin sister and I. I went to Moleli high school and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Girls High where I excelled in my academics and proceeded to study law in the year 2008 at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Is Tourism in Zimbabwe Recovering?

Luke Brown

In this article Luke attempts to discuss and answer some of the key questions relating to the current condition of Zimbabwe’s tourism industry, along with the future potential to become what he terms a Destination Giant.

Some of the questions posed include: What is the current state of Zimbabwe’s tourism industry? Is the destination turning a corner? What visions and aspirations does/should the destination have for the future?  How can Zimbabwe create sustainable growth and become a travel
destination giant?

House of Bantu

Having grown up in beautiful Zimbabwe I can still remember all the colours that filled the air through the trees and all the colourful garments that the women wore everywhere. I am particularly inspired by splashes of colour that contrast dark spaces. I love how colour is such a good indication of life. It doesn’t matter what colours you use be it in a piece of artwork or a lovely piece of clothing, colour is such a good indication of life. Having lived in Australia for the last 12 years, I am constantly looking at colour through nature.

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