Valerie Shamu

Masai Girl

Valerie Shamu

Masai was inspired by the beauty of African tribes. I have always looked at the Masai tribe as the "super models" of all the African tribes. Striking in their appearance, tall and majestic. My appreciation of Africa and the beauty it has always possessed has been nurtured over the last decade of my life. As a visual artist capturing unconventional beauty inspire by Africa in a modern world dominated by western themes and subject matter has been of great interest to me. I enjoy the rich colours and texture that flow throughout the series.

Showcase - Featured artists in the Inaugural Women's Edition

The Women's edition of the POVO journal was the brainchild of Rudo Chakanyuka, who was also responsible for curating and managing the compilation. It also marked the launch of two journals in a year. The Women's issue will only showcase work from women and give them a space and a voice. As usual we try to cover as many genres as possible – illustration, photography, design. We also found out that there are very few women illustrators and photographers and we will continue to search and encourage more to showcase their work, taking advantage of the internet too.

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