The Exoticisation and Otherisation of the Afrikan by the Afrikan

In the last decade or so we have seen an increase in Afrikan visibility and participation in the marketing of the continent as a commercial and creative hub. We have embarked on re - branding the image of Afrika i.e. moving away from the traditional Afro-pessimistic narrative to a more positive vibrant one as well as reclaiming the marketing rights of our own continent and cultures. This paradigm shift has reaped benefits for more and more, mostly young, Afrikan designers, artists and entrepreneurs both on the continent and in the Afrikan diaspora.

Women Empowerment - Keeping the Promise

I promise you I will come back with something to eat. I promise I will pay your school fees. I promise I will buy you a new uniform. I promise I will play with you. Overwhelmed with the many promises made they leave the house in search of fulfilling these promises. “I am the mother and father and I must fulfil my promise to these young kids. Their lives must be better than my own.”

Inspired by the San to create natural pigments

 I was inspired by the San and how they would use different pigments to paint their lifestyle on walls. Their support was the rock and now in the contemporary world our support is the canvas and sometimes paper but from there, they didn’t have lots of pigments, hence their palette was very limited. It’s either they used black which they got from charcoal or reds from soils or blood.

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